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Again no noodles.

May 7, 2012. Written in Bangkok, 2012.

Again no noodles.

Ok, this time I was going to get my Japanese noodles! I took the bus again, this time knowing for sure that I was on the right one. I also knew the name of the stop I had to go out. But was I really going to be able to recognize it? Maybe I had already gone to far? Yeah, It might be a better idea to go out here. In case I was wrong, I could always take the subway from here.

While walking the streets, I noticed that I was not at the right place after all. It was probably close, but I should have waited another 2 or 3 stops.Oh well, I will just walk around for a bit, and then take the subway somewhere.
While waiting in front of a traffic sign to cross the roads, someone suddenly approached me.
"Hi there Rine"
It was Man, my friend from Hong Kong/U.S.A. I had been traveling with him in Guilin and Shanghai before. I knew that he arrived in Bangkok one or two days before, and we had agreed on meeting somewhere soon, but what a coincidence to just bump into him like this. He was walking the streets with a Japanese woman.
"Where are you going?" he asked me.
"Well, I was going to have some noodles at this...."
"Life is too short to have noodles, come with us"
"Uhmm..Ok!" So, no noodles after all huh.

Man was showing around his Japanese friend, a 29 year old girl that was also traveling around the world.
"Ever heard of the sewage boats?" Man asked me.
"The sewage boats?"
"Yeah, locals in Bangkok use them for transport. C'mon, I'll show you."
I'm not sure if it was actually the sewage, but in a very dirty narrow river, there was a pier with many locals waiting for the boat to come.

The boat was full of locals that appeared to be using this boat as their daily transport, but not a single foreigner. A long cloth was raised to prevent people from getting wet. Because the boat was sailing on high speed, this was highly necessary, and even with this cloth you would sometimes get wet.

We went of at some random pier, and walked the streets to the most nearby subway station from there. It was pretty far, and before we knew it we had walked about 30 minutes. We took the subway to "Asok", and had dinner at a huge mall that was themed as if it was an airport. With the escalators you go to your next "destination". Each floor was a different city. Paris, Rome, Tokyo, Istambul, San Fransisco, etc. At a huge Thai style food-court in San Fransisco we had dinner. It might not have been the Japanese noodles I was eager to eat, but it was good local food non the less!

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